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Drink Like a Celebrity

It is no doubt that the stars like what they drink.  The newest trend now is that they make what they like. The illusion of fame and fortune by association seems to be working because their liquors are flying off the shelves.   Many celebs are investing in other interests to profit on something that will always be around.

Danny DeVito markets his own premium limoncello made from organic lemons direct from Italy.  Dr. Dre Cognac , made by no other than the world-class rapper himself, also comes straight out of Compton.  Later this year sparkling vodka will be introduced.  Old Whiskey River Bourbon is labeled with Willy Nelson’s signature red bandana and guitar pick on the bottle.  His Kentucky made bourbon gets mixed reviews, but his effort is commended.  Donald Trump, real estate extraordinaire, evolved into equally superb vodka that is distilled five times over.  Expect the same in its flavors; raspberry, orange, citron and grape.  One of the most interesting concoctions is Marilyn Manson’s, Mansinth.  He partnered with a Swiss distillery to make something as crazy as he is.  The flavor is critiqued as fair, but Mansinth did win a gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Sprits Competition, probably for its efforts.  Aussie, Olivia Newton-John, started her own wine in 1983 in her homeland, called Koala Blue which produces Chardonnay and Shiraz.  Raise a glass to her for being ahead of the curve.  Justin Timberlake already has a restaurant and a fashion line credited to him, now he also has a tequila brand named 901, the area code of his Memphis hometown.  Dan Aykroyd’s wines are currently the top selling celebrity brands in Canada.  He has also partnered with Patron Spirits. His latest venture is in vodka, called Crystal Skull.  The artistry of the skull shaped bottle is enough to want to spend the money for it.

These are just a few stars paving the way in liquor as business opportunities.  If celebrities are not producing, they are endorsing.   Diddy is cashing in to endorse Ciroc Vodka.  Will Ferrell, Bill Murray, and Michael Imperioli have pushed commercials for liquor labels in beer, whiskey and tequila.   Stars pushing what they drink entice the average consumer.  They think, “If it is good enough for them, then it is perfect for me.”  Actors have to be convincing in their roles, and even more convincing to sell a product.  Sometimes a product is endorsed without the company even knowing it.  “Patron” has been mentioned in numerous musician singles and Tom Cruise gulped it in Vanilla Sky. Contrary to the belief that Patron is self-marketable, the company spends nearly $25 million in marketing and advertising.

Americans are more subjected than ever to sip better or more expensively.  Ordering up bottle service with a premium label will create a happy party despite the hefty price tag.  Today people are drinking more liquor and willing to pay the price, hence the demand is on the up and up.   Celebrities have many reasons to invest in super-premium spirits.  Revenues for liquor investors continuously exceed expectations because of the sudden burst of innovation in types of liquor and flavors in recent years.  Bottle and label design is also critical to lure consumers.  Branding the vodka and selling its quality is crucial to marketability and additional claims to fame for the celebrity owners.

If you feel the need to be like a celebrity for a bit, get dressed up and taste their creations.  Be prepared to spend some extra dollars for their goods.  Opting for a non-celebrity premium label is just as succulent though.


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