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Straight A’s for Ada Street

There’s tucked away, and then there’s out of the way. Ada Street just might be the latter, but once you taste the food from Chef Zoe Schor, you’ll forget all about the inconvenience.

ADA_Wine Corridor

Ada Street is an intimate dining destination in Noble Square. Once you enter the dark restaurant, you head down a long winding hall and arrive into the 45-seat restaurant illuminated by natural light from a large glass garage door that opens into a back patio.


Cuisine is a mix of modern tavern fare that’s done in a style which incorporates global flavors represented by the chef’s journeys and experiences. Portions are small so if you think you are ordering too much, order some more.

We kicked things off with a chicken-liver mouse along with a steak tartare. Both were served alongside crispy toast points. A small quail egg yolk and fried capers topped the tartare that made for a delicious texture and flavor. The chicken-liver mousse was rich and creamy.

Moving on, we enjoyed our waitress’ two can’t-miss recommendations, grilled octopus atop a tabasco hash and the truffle asparagus served with a soft boiled egg. The grilled flavor was robust and potent, with great texture to the octopus. The asparagus was good but forgettable. We teamed both of those up with fried manchego cheese bites, which were perfectly pop-able.

For a little more sustenance, we sprung for the ham, jam, and cheese panini – a grilled, hot, salty sandwich served with a side of sweet jam. Also plugged by the waitress, we opted for a serving of cavatelli with duck confit and a poached egg. While this house-made pasta was delicious, we couldn’t neglect the other house-made pasta on special for the night, the gnocchi. Pillowy on the inside, seared on the outside, this was a fan favorite for sure.

The meal ended with their brioche donuts, served piping hot with a port wine caramel dipping sauce. All in all, it felt like Ada Street was a greatest hits album incarnated into a restaurant. One after the next, the kitchen kept impressing us with the best they had to offer, leaving us wanting more.

Note that while they have an innovative cocktail list, full of new-age and classic cocktails, their wine selection was equally robust and enjoyed by my dining party.

 ADA_Bramble on 3

Service is casual and friendly and ready to make recommendations on a whim. Become buddy-buddy with them and they just might send out a bowl of their crispy black-eyed peas on-the-house. Ada Street is open for dinner Monday through Saturday and a reservation and an empty stomach are encouraged.

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