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TerrePURE: The Science in Your Bottle

Developed initially for experimentation with traditional bourbon whiskey, Terressentia is a company with a private label focus who has essentially revolutionizing the “age” in barrel aging. Their TerrePURE process now includes a portfolio of complex gins, rum, tequila and even US-made, gluten-free vodkas. This ‘science in a bottle’ claims to add nothing that is not within government regulations, maintaining a natural technology that is faster, cleaner, cost-effective, and less energy-intensive than traditional barrel aging or spirit filtration.


Going ‘against the grain’ so to speak with the best of intentions, the TerrePURE process focusing on the spirit itself rather than the industry’s accepted methods of how “spirits should be made”. Energy from ultrasonic waves is applied in union with oxidation to eliminate what co-inventor, Ty Tyler, calls, “the bad things” from the alcohol experience – essentially those harsh-tasting artifacts we can barely pronounce such as, methanol, isobutanol, and amyl alcohols. The finished product reveals a more sophisticated spirit, vouched for by numerous blind taste test rewards and leaving those imbibed saying, “it’s so much smoother than what I usually drink.” Of course, we only hope they were referring to the comparative spirit refined traditionally, not to their grandpa’s slap-you-in-the ass, homemade moonshine.

Beyond the benefit of a smoother taste, the TerrePURE process takes only days, hours even – a 12-hour period to be exact is all that is required for a Terressentia master blender to create a new batch of any single product, from refinement to the shipping phase. Cheating Mother Nature? Maybe. Providing a service worth sipping? Absolutely.

To learn more about the TerrePURE process, watch their video, A Brief Overview of the TerrePURE Process, or visit their website.

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