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Level Two – Football inspired menu for the 2015 NFL Draft


The NFL Draft begins tomorrow in Chicago.  The last time the city hosted the NFL Draft was way back in 1963.  It’s a huge deal for football fanatics in the Chicagoland area.  The Draft itself will take place at the Auditorium Theater but for the legions of football fans who want to be a part of it, Grant Park is converting to “Draft Town” hosting a series of events starting Today, Wednesday 29th until the conclusion of the draft on May 2nd.

Draft Weekend promises to bring thousands to the city over the next few days and across the city restaurants and hotels are getting into the spirit.

Level Two the restaurant/lounge located on the second floor of the Hyatt Magnificent Mile is rolling out a special menu for the event that centers around beer and game-day snacks with an NFL theme and an gourmet twist.

Level Two is known for their locally focused beverage program.  All beers served at Level Two are sourced from breweries no further than 125 miles from the city.  In celebration of the 2015 NFL Draft, they put together a selection of beers representative (by location) of the teams of the NFC North.


Chicago Bears – Revolution Eugene Porter – Chicago, IL.

Oh so good!  Chocolate malt with none of the bitterness or heaviness of porters.  Of the four selections, this was my favorite… Go Bears!

Green Bay Packers – Lakefront IPA – Milwaukee, WI.

Hoppy and big on flavor.

Detroit Lions – Founder All Day IPA – Grand Rapids, MI.

A light and citrusy IPA.

Minnesota Vikings – Summit Extra Pale Ale – St. Paul, MN.

A gold medal winning EPA that’s worth checking out.

…And now for the food.

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Buffalo Chicken Nachos … instead of the typical corn chips, this plate has fresh pita points for a more substantial and satisfying bite.  Topped with hearty chunks of chicken drenched in buffalo sauce and topped with blue cheese crumbles it’s an appetizer that feels like an entree.

Beer Grain Mini Corn Dogs

Beer Grain Mini Corn Dogs

Beer Grain Mini Corn Dogs – These are a must try.  Mixed into the corn dog batter are spent grains from the Metropolitan Brewing Company.   You still have that crunch when you bite into it but the addition of the spent grains gives the breading a lighter, spongier texture and it tastes so good.   It comes with whole grain beer mustard and spicy bourbon (Jack Daniels) ketchup for dipping.  This was my favorite on the menu…especially with the bourbon ketchup.


This special menu is only available until the end of the Draft.  Wether you are in town for the football activities or just in the mood for something different, you can’t go wrong with the Draft Menu at Level Two.




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