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Bishop Arts District and Deep Ellum: The Dallas You Wouldn’t Expect

Bishop Arts District logo

Cowboys, horses and big hair might be some of the first images to come to mind when visualizing Dallas. It is in the heart of the Lone Star State, but make no mistake—Dallas is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and diverse places in the country to enjoy award-winning dining, inventive drinks and sensational nightlife.

Bishop Arts District and Deep Ellum are two historic neighborhoods that are breathing new life and culture into Dallas. Chefs, restaurateurs and cocktail enthusiasts are flocking to the two recently revamped historic neighborhoods, and Dallasites are following.

Forget the Dallas you remember from television shows and Western movies. Instead, explore these two neighborhoods and enjoy a day of pleasant strolling, decadent dining and scrumptious libations. Read more…


MEXICANA ACOUSTICA – The art of strings and the music of Herradura


The music from a finely crafted instrument is a thing of beauty.  In the hands of a skilled luthier, the instrument itself can be  a work of art.  Case in point, “Mexicana Acoustica”, a guitar created by South Florida artist Cynosure.

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The Vivian Maier exhibit


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