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The Music Movement that Spawned a Fashion Movement Punk: Chaos to Couture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Jean Paul Gaultier, Moschino, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld – These are a few of the fashion industry’s icons responsible for the punk rock music scene’s crossover to the fashion world.  You may have remembered Elizabeth Hurley making her shock-factor appearance at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in the memorable, black Versace gown held together at the seams by oversized, gold safety pins.  Also of note are the torn graffiti tees reminiscent of the 80s punk rock scene influenced by the music scene’s Patti Smith, Joe Strummer and John Lyndon of the Sex Pistols. These are all examples of the Punk rock era of the 70s and 80s having an influence of the fashion scene of the same decades. Read more…


TerrePURE: The Science in Your Bottle


Developed initially for experimentation with traditional bourbon whiskey, Terressentia is a company with a private label focus who has essentially revolutionizing the “age” in barrel aging. Read more…


Summer Style Secrets from Maxine Salon

Maxine Salon reception

In the Gold Coast of Chicago, there lies one of the most respected, reputable salons in the entire city: Maxine. Opening its doors more than 25 years ago, the tri-level salon is home to many of the most photographed fashionistas and celebs such as Kristen Cavallari. Their stylists’ work has been featured in Allure, Vogue, InStyle, and several other beauty and style magazines. Read more…


We’ve Got Your Labor Day Plans Covered in Pinehurst – 25th Annual Pinehurst Food & Wine Festival

VODA Magazine 25th Annual Pinehurst Food & Wine Festival

Get to town (or if you’re a local, stay in town) this Labor Day holiday.  Moore County has some fabulous events going on the weekend of August 30 – September 2 that you won’t want to miss.  On actual Labor Day come on down for the Sandhills Cycling 24th Annual Tour de Moore Classic North Carolina Bike Ride benefitting Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills. New to the ride this year – and note this is a ride open to all ages and athletic ability – is that they have partnered with Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative, for some fabulous food.  Even more good eating will be had with restaurant partner, Elliotts on Linden and live music by Tony Barnes.

For an equally wonderful time make your way to Pinehurst for the 25th Annual Food & Wine Festival.  Some big name chefs will be on hand and wonderful wineries to match.  This year’s Silver Anniversary theme is “A Passport To The World,” a weekend full of wine tastings, seminars and gourmet cuisine from across the globe. The world-class Resort, where the festivities are held, are offering overnight accommodations including tickets to the festival’s three-day events. Tickets are on sale now and you can learn about participating chefs, wineries, the weekend’s itinerary and more by clicking here.


House of Glunz – “The True Tavern Experience”


Nearly a decade ago, in the late afternoon, a brick came crashing through the front window of the House of Glunz, Chicago’s oldest purveyor of wine and spirits, and the damage was severe. I was in high school at the time at Walter Payton College Prep, a southbound stone’s throw from the Wells-Division intersection, and the misguided brick-tosser was a classmate of mine. Perhaps he was unaware of the shop’s history – that Westphalia, Germany native Louis Glunz had opened it in 1888; that since the 1893 Columbian Exposition, the family had supplied Chicago with Schlitz and other private-label beers and spirits. Or perhaps he was perfectly aware, sticking it to Old Man Glunz down the block in a calculated act of Millennial angst.

Whichever it was, my friends and I didn’t care. (We hardly cared that it happened at all, to be honest. We were just glad it didn’t happen to Quizno’s.) And from that day on, for us local students, a ho-hum mystique enveloped the House of Glunz. The Boo Radley to our Scout Finch, the Mr. Mertle to our Sandlot gang, except the Glunz name neither frightened nor tempted us with a lifetime supply of baseballs. We took twisted pleasure in being persona non grata because we were shy, studious kids and because they had nothing we wanted that our bum ally couldn’t purchase at the corner store. Not much changed even as we grew up. That is, until recently. Read more…


Embeya Restaurant: The Dark Horse of Randolph Street


Very few restaurants calling their “Progressive” actually deserve. Embeya is one of them. Read more…


VODA Issue #3 L.A. Available Now!



Eye on the Sparrows

2 Sparrows

Lincoln Park has a new breakfast/lunch/brunch spot joining the ranks – and guess what? It’s pretty darn good. Read more…


VODA issue #3, Los Angeles almost here

coming soon

coming soon


National Ceviche Day with Pisco Porton

Nacional pisco

For a spirit as historically rich and deep-rooted as Pisco Porton – meticulously made at the base of the Andes in Peru, each batch of the same pristine quality as the first ever produced three centuries ago – clinging to one’s past seems hardly a poor decision. That commitment to traditional techniques is largely responsible for the longevity of the Porton brand as well as its fiercely loyal following across South America (and rapidly spreading northward). Before the creation of vodka, rum or gin as we know them, there was pisco – a full-proof white spirit distilled from a blend of grapes. Since 1684, Porton has enchanted palates, its subtle sweet and spiciness giving way to a long, luxurious finish. Read more…