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Happy Hour: Union Sushi + Barbeque


The work day is finally over, plenty of time to catch the train; no rush to go home anyway. The suburbs is no place for a cocktail enthusiast, not unless you like drinking at Friday’s or Applebee’s. No, best to stay downtown a little while longer and grab a proper drink.

Tonight I found myself returning to Union Sushi + Barbeque. One of our writers, Emily, wrote about Union a while back. Everything she said about the place by the way is true, it’s a pretty amazing restaurant. Tonight however, it’s all about the bar.

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An Afternoon with Maker’s Mark’s Greg Davis

Greg Davis, Maker's Mark Director of Distillery Operations

Greg Davis is in the office by 6:45 every morning. Like many of us, he begins the day by switching on his computer and fixing himself a pick-me-up. He walks out into the distillery and takes small samples from stills #1 and #2 – “catching the high wine” (the finished product), he calls it. Back at his desk, he cuts them to 40-proof before smelling and tasting. It’s a cup of Kentucky Folgers, some real Morning Thunder. “It’s my morning coffee”, he says. It’s another day at Maker’s Mark.

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The Original Jesse James American Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey


Jesse James, legendary outlaw, legendary bourbon. Read more…