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Raising spirits with Clique


Few holidays inspire such creative cocktails as Halloween.  It’s a time for mischief and fun, the more outrageous the better.  Sure you could throw some gummy worms into a red fruity martini and call it a night but where’s the fun in that?  Our friends at Clique Vodka sent some festive holiday suggestions from the deliciously twisted mind of Tara Shinn – Clique’s Directory of Mixology.  They’re surely to make your Halloween one to remember Read more…


Happy Mother’s Day


We do not get a lot of Mother’s Day libation submissions… none actually. Most people stick to the usual suspects e.g. Mimosas, Wine Spritzers, Bloody Marys … the stuff you would see served at brunch funny how we only brunch during special occasions.

Our friends at Premier Innovations Group, the masterminds behinds Clique Vodka (it’s more of a lifestyle movement than a beverage but that’s for another time) sent us several Mothers Day cocktail recipes, created by their Director of Mixology, Tara Shinn. (Tara is one of the top mixologists in Pittsburgh) One of our favs is the En-lighten-Mint.

Read more…