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The 12 Cocktails of Christmas at Level Two


Hyatt Christmas Cocktails

The holidays are in full swing and many places are introducing seasonal flavors to their cocktail menu.  Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile Level Two restaurant and lounge has brought good tidings of holiday cheer by offering us for a limited time the “12 Cocktails of Christmas”. Read more…


Raising spirits with Clique


Few holidays inspire such creative cocktails as Halloween.  It’s a time for mischief and fun, the more outrageous the better.  Sure you could throw some gummy worms into a red fruity martini and call it a night but where’s the fun in that?  Our friends at Clique Vodka sent some festive holiday suggestions from the deliciously twisted mind of Tara Shinn – Clique’s Directory of Mixology.  They’re surely to make your Halloween one to remember Read more…




I sat and I sipped and I took it all in, at once enraptured and puzzled by the experience of the Whistler Read more…


House Special: Yuletide Duet

Yuletide Duet by Theo Lieberman

Holiday Spirits at Lantern’s Keep

Read more…