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The 12 Cocktails of Christmas at Level Two


Hyatt Christmas Cocktails

The holidays are in full swing and many places are introducing seasonal flavors to their cocktail menu.  Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile Level Two restaurant and lounge has brought good tidings of holiday cheer by offering us for a limited time the “12 Cocktails of Christmas”. Read more…


Taxes done … time for a drink

Tax season has come and gone.   With it the headache of seemingly endless forms, boxes, and charts.  No sleep.  Questions creep into your head… Did I fill everything out correctly?  Am I forgetting any juicy deductions?  Am I going to owe a crap-ton of money?  Am I going to be audited?  Do they allow conjugal visits in prison?  It’s enough to drive a person to drink.

J.W. Marriott announced a couple tax themed cocktails to help take the edge off. Read more…