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House of Glunz – “The True Tavern Experience”


Nearly a decade ago, in the late afternoon, a brick came crashing through the front window of the House of Glunz, Chicago’s oldest purveyor of wine and spirits, and the damage was severe. I was in high school at the time at Walter Payton College Prep, a southbound stone’s throw from the Wells-Division intersection, and the misguided brick-tosser was a classmate of mine. Perhaps he was unaware of the shop’s history – that Westphalia, Germany native Louis Glunz had opened it in 1888; that since the 1893 Columbian Exposition, the family had supplied Chicago with Schlitz and other private-label beers and spirits. Or perhaps he was perfectly aware, sticking it to Old Man Glunz down the block in a calculated act of Millennial angst.

Whichever it was, my friends and I didn’t care. (We hardly cared that it happened at all, to be honest. We were just glad it didn’t happen to Quizno’s.) And from that day on, for us local students, a ho-hum mystique enveloped the House of Glunz. The Boo Radley to our Scout Finch, the Mr. Mertle to our Sandlot gang, except the Glunz name neither frightened nor tempted us with a lifetime supply of baseballs. We took twisted pleasure in being persona non grata because we were shy, studious kids and because they had nothing we wanted that our bum ally couldn’t purchase at the corner store. Not much changed even as we grew up. That is, until recently. Read more…


Embeya Restaurant: The Dark Horse of Randolph Street


Very few restaurants calling their “Progressive” actually deserve. Embeya is one of them. Read more…


Eye on the Sparrows

2 Sparrows

Lincoln Park has a new breakfast/lunch/brunch spot joining the ranks – and guess what? It’s pretty darn good. Read more…


Oh, What a Nightwood


If there’s any restaurant worth the trek to Chicago’s out-of-the-way artist’s corridor, Pilsen, it’s Nightwood – the progressive American eatery headed by Jason Vincent, who just won Best Chef by Food and Wine Magazine. Read more…


Much Ado About NoMI

In a city that constantly pops up the hottest, hippest, and trendiest, it’s easy to forget how nice it is to sit back, relax and enjoy a traditional fine-ding experience like the one NoMI, the prestigious restaurant situated in Chicago’s Park Hyatt Hotel, brings.

Twice as Nice – The Sheerin Brothers Tackle Trenchermen Together

Every restaurant has a concept. It’s how well they execute it that matters.Trenchermen, brought to us by chef brothers Mike and Pat Sheerin, have nailed it. Unusual, thematic, and nuanced best describes both the selection and the space that this Wicker Park establishment has brought to the Chicago food scene. Read more…