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Siena Tavern: Italy to Chicago via Top Chef Viviani


You know his face from Top Chef. Now it’s time to get to know his food. And let me start with this: it’s good. Really good. Read more…


New J. Rocco Nails Old-School Italian


Chicago is undoubtedly a hub for gastropubs. Small plates, little-known ingredients, and pretentious service have defined most of the recent restaurant openings in the Windy City. However, with the new J. Rocco Italian Table Bar, we just might be on to something completely different: hearty, original Italian cooking. Read more…


National Ceviche Day with Pisco Porton

Nacional pisco

For a spirit as historically rich and deep-rooted as Pisco Porton – meticulously made at the base of the Andes in Peru, each batch of the same pristine quality as the first ever produced three centuries ago – clinging to one’s past seems hardly a poor decision. That commitment to traditional techniques is largely responsible for the longevity of the Porton brand as well as its fiercely loyal following across South America (and rapidly spreading northward). Before the creation of vodka, rum or gin as we know them, there was pisco – a full-proof white spirit distilled from a blend of grapes. Since 1684, Porton has enchanted palates, its subtle sweet and spiciness giving way to a long, luxurious finish. Read more…


State of the Union

restaurant space

Spicing up the River North dining scene is unique Japanese culinary spot, Union. A colorful multi-level interior, a fun urban vibe, and a killer after-work food and drink special all indicate that Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar is making filling up on rolls and cocktails the new it-thing to do in the city. Read more…


The Slurping Turtle – Tis the Season for Slurping

The Slurping Turtle
When most think of comfort food, they think of mammoth-sized corn bread and gooey macaroni and cheese. But, after a visit to acclaimed chef Takashi Yagihashi’s year-old noodle shop, my definition just might change.

Read more…